Introducing PowerAire™

Your Own Personal Power Grid

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M-Trigen PowerAire™ System

PowerAire™ is an innovative technology that combines power, heating, and cooling into a single revolutionary system. A standalone power plant that allows retail spaces, commercial buildings, offices, manufacturing plants, and even houses to gain independence from the traditional power grid and be supplied with always on, cost-efficient power source.

As a master dealer of PowerAire™ and other M-Trigen products, MicroGrid Storage offers you all the benefits of this ground-breaking technology. PowerAire is the only high-efficiency, multi-energy (electrical & thermal) tri-generation appliance that offers combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) in a complete, all-in-one mechanical solution that saves energy costs, enables renewables, improves the environment, and converts wasted and ambient heat into secure, clean, controllable energy.

As a dramatic new development in micro power generation, PowerAire is the world’s only intelligent energy system designed to respond to the specific load requirements of space cooling, heating, and electrical power for both homes and businesses. It is an MCCHP or Micro Combined Cooling Heat and Power system, which is an extension of decades-old, large scale industrial CHP cogeneration technology. MCCHP systems are designed to typically supply the base load within a home or building.


System Benefits

Drastically Reduce Your Power Rates

Increased Efficiency

Always On 24/7

Reduced Expense

Lowers Energy Cost by up to 75%

Reliable & Consistent

No Power Spikes / No Peak Rates


Smaller Carbon Footprint


Scales Up to 1 MW / Renewable Energy Compatible

Saving From Day One

Zero Down Green Project Funding Provides Guaranteed Savings

Tax Incentives & Utility Rebates

Qualifies for Incentives & Rebates Immediately

USA Made

Designed & Built in the USA

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PowerAire™ & PowerFurnace™

Components & Features

The PowerAire™ System provides cooling, heating, and power in a single all-in-one unit. The unit provides continuous power to fullfill all the energy needs of the property. It can be integrated with solar or wind power generation, connected to the traditional grid to allow the sale back of excess energy, and is scaleable up to 1MW.

M-Trigen PowerAire™ System

The PowerFurnace™ System provides heating and power in a single unit. The unit operates independently of the traditional grid, is cost effective, environmentally friendly, and provides consistent, reliable energy. The system can function as your primary source of energy or can operate as a backup source in case of power outages or blackouts.

M-Trigen PowerFurnace™ System

Suitable Applications

  • Convenience

  • Gas

  • Restaurants

  • Data

  • Warehouses

  • Clinics

  • Retail

  • Refrigerated

Who We Are

At MicroGrid Storage we realize that the traditional energy grid is not only less healthy for our environment it is detrimental to the end goals of companies around the world. We are dedicated to offering our clients a more efficient and eco-friendly energy system. By becoming a master dealer of M-Trigen's state-of-the-art products, we proudly offer our clients a risk-free, turnkey solution for their organizations that allows them to lessen their impact on the environment but also become energy independent in the most cost-effective manner on the market. We understand that implementation of such as system and the typical initial capital associated with it can be very intimidating. By offering Zero Down Green Project Funding along with M-Trigen's revolutionary products, we are able to empower the business owners of today with a solution that gives them savings from day one with no risk or unknown factors to their bank accounts.

About Us

MicroGrid Storage is an Authorized Master Dealer of M-Trigen products including PowerAire™ and PowerFurnace™.

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