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Our team has made it our mission to provide comprehensive, cost effective solutions for the energy needs of the future that promote a healthy tomorrow for our Earth. We have partnered with the industry leaders in various fields to provide fully encompassing energy solutions. We offer a variety of renewable energy generation sources including Cogeneration Trigeneration, solar and wind as well as the advanced systems that oversee, store, and manage the entire system configuration. Our cutting edge systems can be fully integrated with our security and building management solutions for a seamless system that ties in all aspects of your organization for the ultimate in flexibility, control, and optimization. By integrating all aspects of a system, we can provide turnkey solutions for optimum energy savings and return on investment.

By partnering with the experts in each field of research and development, we have created advanced solutions that implement cutting edge technology to create the Smart Buildings and Cities of tomorrow. These smart systems not only allow for drastically reduced energy expenses, they remove dependency on the traditional energy grid and remove the threat of downtime due to power outages and grid restrictions. They put you in control and allow you to maximize the savings and customize the energy grid to the specific needs of your organization.

Our dedicated team of professionals provides fully comprehensive, energy efficient, customizable, and eco-friendly solutions that encompass the latest, cutting-edge technology available. We continue to work on a daily basis to update and improve our solutions to ensure that they are the most relevant and up-to-date. We understand that it takes a great deal of vigilance to keep up with the drastic developments that are occurring with sustainable energy systems. Our team knows how to select the best type of system for your geographical area, expressed requirements, and available budget to maximize your savings and increase profit and productivity.

A Greener Earth

MicroGrid Storage is an Authorized Master Dealer of Gridiron products including the PowerPlant H24 and PowerPlant HA65.

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