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By partnering with MicroGrid Storage and becoming a sales rep in your local area, you can gain the ability to offer our vast portfolio of high-quality products and exceptional services to your customer base. Whether you are an electrical contractor looking to expand the portfolio of products you have to offer or you are a propane / natural gas utility provider who wishes to increase your sales by offering our micro-trigeneration system, we can build a custom partnership that will maximize the benefits to you and your organization. Who wouldn't like to be able to honestly offer their clients a way to faciliate bringing their energy costs down to as low as 4¢ / kW?

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  • Reliable Energy for as low as 4¢ / kW
  • Power, Heating & Cooling in a Single Cost Effective System
  • Immediate Rebates & Tax Credits
  • The Ability to Go Off-Grid with No Capital Outlay
  • An Energy System that Offers Instant Savings from Day One
  • High-Quality, Affordable LED Lighting
  • Retrofits that Lower their Monthly Expense Drastically
  • Comprehensive Smart Building Systems
  • Solar Energy Systems & Fixtures
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MicroGrid Storage is an Authorized Master Dealer of M-Trigen products including PowerAireâ„¢ and PowerFurnaceâ„¢.

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