PowerAire™ & PowerFurnace™ System Specifications

PowerAire™ System


Similar to a traditional, electrically-driven air conditioner, the system's compressor runs refrigerant though the buildings condenser and air handlers cooling the area efficiently and cost-effectively.



Fueled by natural or propane gas, the engine creates heat as the system operates. The excess heat is then recovered and re-used for water and space heating at a much lower cost.



A consistent and reliable source of electricity that can be used on location or sold back to the traditional power grid. Provides power free from peak rates that is free from power spikes and surges.

System Features

System Features


  • Easily connect to wind or solar energy production (PowerAire™ Only)
  • Units can be combined to expand the system up to 1MW
  • Can connect to the traditional energy grid to sell back excess energy
  • Connect Remotely to monitor or control your system through any internet connection


  • System output voltage has less than 5% harmonic distortion allowing for safe use by sensitive electronics
  • Inverters meet IEEE standards (PowerAire™ Only)

Easy to Install

  • Convenient line and load side power terminal blocks
  • Capable of connecting to existing refrigerant lines (PowerAire™ Only)
  • Water loop easily connects to existing water heater, hydronic heat exchangers, or plate heat exchangers

Long Lasting / Dependable

  • Internal engine is designed for applications with long runtime durations
  • Built with high-quality, long-lasting components to ensure a long lifespan

PowerAire™ & PowerFurnace™ System Specs

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