PowerAire™ & PowerFurnace™ System Features


Cooling, Heating, and Power - All in One Appliance

Independent, local energy that is cost-effective, efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable. The system can serve as a primary or secondary energy source, and eliminates power outages, peak rate, and power spikes associated with the traditional energy grid.


Heat and Power - Both from a One Appliance

Local energy that is independent of the traditional grid as well as efficient, cost-effective, eco-friendly, and reliable. An excellent back up power source that eliminates any loss from power outages.

System Functionality

M-Trigen's micro-scaled products allow for independent micro-grid applications of cogeneration or trigeneration systems. The engine creates heat which is utilized for water and space heating and a compressor run refigerant through a facility's condenser and air handlers to function in the same manner as a traditional air conditioner. The system thus provides continuous, reliable energy which provides power and HVAC to the facility. Excess power can also be sold back to the traditional energy grid as needed.

Product Overview

PowerAire Highlights

System Highlights

M-TriGen’s PowerAire cooling, heating and power system is the most reliable, economically efficient, and environmentally sound solution for a residence or commercial building. One PowerAire system provides 6 to 10kW of electric power and 5 to 16 tons of cooling with heating simultaneously, which should be sufficient to power all of the loads of a typical home or multiple units can work together to meet the needs of many small to medium sized retail or commercial facilities. It is designed to provide primary power with the grid as backup and can also manage all cooling and heating requirements. Onboard battery storage provides sufficient power to handle intermittent peak and surge loads from motors and appliances. A programmable universal load management system provides remotely accessible control of the unit.

PowerAire Features

PowerAire harnesses 40 to 60% more waste heat energy than other power generators. It is twice as efficient as a standby generator or the central power grid’s combined cycle generators. PowerAire makes the most efficient use of fuel by producing cooling, heat and power at the point of use allowing the home or business owner to benefit from maximum efficiency in distributed energy generation. PowerAire units are available using natural gas or propane as a base fuel. The PowerAire system is ETL labeled and conforms to UL, ANSI, CSA, and CGA safety standards.

System Features

Typical Applications

  • Power Generation
  • Heating for Dehumidification
  • Space Cooling
  • Swimming Pool/Jacuzzi Heating
  • Space Heating
  • Pre-heating for Boilers
  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Water Heating
Typical Applications

Design and Installation

MicroGrid Storage provides support for the integration of PowerAire systems into both new and existing facilities.

On-Grid and Off-Grid Operation

The PowerAire system is designed to function as a source of primary power in both on-grid and off-grid configurations. PowerAire is an interactive energy management system that complements and controls Solar Photovoltaic (PV) arrays, and/or Wind Power systems through its built-in inverter. Significant savings can be realized by programming PowerAire systems to Time of Use (TOU), and Tiered Electricity Pricing (TEP) models since the systems can be configured to operate as the primary source of power or to produce surge loads during high value hours of the day. This is advantageous as a method of peak load shaving for commercial facilities or for communities when networked as a Micro-grid. Excess power produced by the PowerAire system can be sold back to utility companies.

System Operation

How it Works

PowerAire makes the most efficient use of fuel by producing cooling, heat and power at the point of use allowing the home or business owner to benefit from distributed power and maximum efficiency in energy generation. This process is typically two to three times more efficient as a centralized electrical utility grid. The result is lower energy bills.




  • Continuous power source – producing electricity to use or sell back to the grid
  • Provides uninterruptable power when the grid goes down
  • The engine runs only when cooling or heating is required, generating power and hot water at the same time. The battery bank remains on alert to start the engine if it is in 'off' mode when the power grid fails. The engine’s speed is automatically regulated to meet the load demand as needed.
  • Sufficient power is generated to handle peak and surge loads with priority logic for any critical electrical loads provided by a universal load management system while automatically acting as the primary power or back-up power.
  • The uninterruptible power with battery back-up ensures absolute redundancy during any power failure for all HVAC, hot water and essential power requirements. Harmful power surges, spikes and electric noise are eliminated.


  • The natural gas / propane engine drives a compressor which cools just like an electric air conditioner but at a lower cost of energy.
  • The patented design uses its natural gas or propane fueled engine to power the onboard compressor, which provides cooling like a traditional air conditioner, only much more cost effectively. No other micro-sized system offers cooling.


  • The engine creates heat, which is recovered for water and space heating.
  • Heat energy is transferred to the application (hot water heater, hydronic heat system, desiccant dehumidifier, etc.) through a thermal loop system utilizing easy-to-connect ports located on each PowerAire™ or PowerFurnace™ unit.
  • Outlet water temperature off the engine is typically 170° - 180°F.


  • Offers the lowest operating cost of any heating / cooling systems
  • Fully programmable inverter allows for time-of-day and peak shaving, interfaces with solar or wind power, sells back to the grid and integration with multiple units


Delivered ready for installation, with connections to the building’s existing electrical panel, HVAC and solar systems. The modular design can be easily configured to match the exact requirements for any site’s specific load demand.

Uniquely suited and designed for any climate, including hot and humid or cold and dry climates.


Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Multiple modes of operation are fully programmable and intelligently controlled through smart devices or a building automation system providing additional peace of mind and ease of operation.

Daily run time, time of day peak shaving, power interface and integration with multiple units are adjusted through the electronic control unit which is remotely addressable by certified technicians from electronic devices such as a cellphone, tablet or computer.

Net Metering

Net Metering

Generated power can be sold to the grid together with other renewable energy systems, such as solar and wind. The ability to resell to the grid is determined by rules and regulations of the retail power service provider at the location.

Interconnected to the electric grid for back-up power in the event of service interruption, and to sell excess power either back to the grid.



Solar and wind power easily integrates to work in conjunction with the batteries and inverter, management storage, and monitoring system, and can be configured to work side by side or together with micro-inverter systems.

Energy is stored uniquely and is directly compatible with solar panels and wind turbines to create a sustainable bridge for using renewable power sources that avoid costly and inefficient ‘net metering’.

Solo or Island Mode

Solo or Island Mode

In solo or island operation mode, configuration to generate power at any desired voltage up to 460Vac 3 phase is possible. In Single and Split Phase, up to four units can run in parallel and in Three Phase, up to twelve units can run in multi cluster configuration.


Always On

Installs into the existing HVAC infrastructure and electrical panels that are already connected to the grid, thereby offering complete redundancy to the building’s existing systems.

In the event of a PowerAire™ system interruption, HVAC loads are automatically transferred to the bypassed original electric fan motor that is part of the original system which remains wired to the electric grid. This is a seamless transfer, ensuring continuous operation.

Optional Features

Power Management

Inside the PowerAire™ unit, there is an intelligent fully enclosed power management, storage and delivery appliance that provides all-in-one load management and an uninterruptible power system (UPS).

Offering full integration of storage, supplemental and back-up power for all loads as well as full integration of switching, safety power cut off and shore / grid power sensing.

Intelligent power management, power storage and uninterruptible power with load shaving, peak shaving, universal power distribution, load monitoring and grid power sensing.

Main Components:

  • Grid interactive inverter charger
  • Automatic transfer switch
  • Intelligent load management relay sub panel
  • Battery storage
  • Communications module
  • Grid Sell back (optional)
  • Load and Peak shaving
  • Universal power distribution
  • DC to AC generator integration
  • Load monitoring and grid power sensing.
  • Remote addressability
  • Power management module

Modular Box Design

  • 0.09” aluminum
  • Vented
  • Insulated
  • Fork lift accessible


  • Non-direct drive (belt)
  • 56V / 190 amp DC power
  • Variable speed
  • Up to 10kW to the plant battery and inverter simultaneously


  • Inverts DC power from alternator and battery to AC power
  • Split phase 240 (Single Phase)
  • Grid support compatible
  • Accommodates renewable sources

Internal Combustion Engine

  • Industrial engine
  • Purpose built engine designed to run on natural gas / propane
  • 3 or 4 cylinder carbureted
  • Burns fuel to rotate compressor and alternator
  • Exhaust heat recovered and re-used for hot water and space heat
PowerAire Unit


  • Controls cooling pressure at 275 – 300 psi
  • R410A coolant
  • Belt driven with clutch
  • Scroll compresses vapor which drives refrigeration cycle
  • Delivers 5, 8, 10, 13, or 16 tons of cooling capacity

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

  • Governor - controls/ monitors engine parameters (stop/start/speed)
  • Inverter - controls / monitors electrical production (source, grid sell back)
  • Engine - monitors oil pressure, temperature, makes safety decisions
  • Hot Water - monitors water temperature and optimizes delivery of thermal power

Heat Exchanger (‘HX’)


1. Engine coolant removes heat from engine

2. Braised plate heat exchanger extracts heat from engine coolant into propylene glycol mixture, i.e. High Temp Loop (HTL)

Cooling / Heating

Integrates with new or existing HVAC system, providing refrigerant and a hydronic loop that cools, heats and saves because it is powered by natural gas or propane, and operates quietly at 58 to 62 db.

Fail safe operation compared to full electric grid operation, and provides 5 to 16 tons of cooling and heating that integrates with existing R410A HVAC systems, through engine driven compressors that work independently from the electric compressors.

PowerAire's patented design integrates engine waste heat for exceptional operating efficiency and performance to drastically decrease electricity use for cooling, heating and hot water applications.

R-410A refrigerant is used to avoid working with multiple refrigerants.

Main Components:

  • Hydronic heat exchanger and loop
  • Communications module
  • Internal combustion engine
  • Engine driven compressor
  • Intelligent control panel


PowerAire Conforms To:

  • UL standards 1995 and 2200
  • ANSI Standard Z21.40.2R (2002)
  • CSA Standards C22.2 Nos. 100 and 236
  • CGA Standards 2.17 and 2.92 R (2002)

Regulatory Approval
Entire Unit Safety Conformance

Interek 5000729
Z21.4O.2 R(2002)
C22.2. No. 100
C22.2. No. 236
2.92 R(2002)
ETL Listed

Inverter Conforms to:

Ul1741, CSA 107.1
EMC directive FCC and Industry Canada Class B
Interconnect IEEE 1547 and CSA 107.1

Safety Conformance Certifications


Designed To Provide Years Of Uninterrupted Service, Typically 12 Years Before A Major Service Event Is Considered, With Bi-Annual Preventive Maintenance Required.

An initial service to replace the oil and filters is recommended upon the first 50 hours of usage and then every 2500 hours or every 6 months (whichever occurs first).

System Service & Maintenance

Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Manufacturer provides a 2 year limited warranty. Full details are available upon request.


Installs into the existing HVAC infrastructure and electrical panels that are already connected to the grid, thereby offering complete redundancy to the building’s existing systems.

A trained and certified installer, using natural gas or propane depending on what type of service you have in your area is required for installation.

There are no major issues with permitting since standard equipment is used and interfacing is done per NEC code. Connection to the existing electrical and/or refrigeration lines is easy.

Inverter system and battery bank, as well as a load management system are included.

A comprehensive Installation and Owner’s Manual is provided with every unit.


Each unit is shipped FOB factory completely assembled per allowable shipping regulations. Optional inlet hoods, filter and/or damper sections, or other large accessories may be shipped separately.

Each unit is given a complete operations test and control circuit check before shipment. If correspondence is necessary, please provide the unit model and serial number.

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