60W Solar Billboard Flood Light with U-Bracket

60W Solar Billboard Flood Light with U-Bracket

SKU: 786001

The Solar Billboard Flood Light features a 110W/18V mono cell solar panel and a 60W LED Lamp with 72 Phillips LEDs. The internal 635WH/11.1V lithium battery has a minimum of 1,000 lifetime cycles and the solar controller features Maximum Power Point Tracking that can convert excess voltage into amperage, reduce required charging time, reduce power loss, and allow the solar power system to operate optimally at all times. U-Bracket included for each of installation. Includes 3 year warranty.

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Spec Sheet

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Product Specifications

Wattage: 60W

Color Temperature: 3000-6000K

Lumens: 7200LM

Product Dimensions

Width: 10.6 in.

Height: 3.3 in.

Length: 16.2 in.

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