Innovative Energy & Technology Solutions

Our innovative solutions leverage state-of-the-art technology with superior management experience to provide our clients with cost effective comprehensive solutions that maximize both profit and productivity. From solutions that enable automation of day-to-day operations to providing a reliable power source at drastically lower rates than the traditional grid, our solutions all work together to achieve that core objective.

Energy & Technology Solutions

Cogeneration & Trigeneration

Power Production for a Changing World - The MicroGrid Storage Energy System provides always on, reliable energy at a fraction of the cost compared to the traditional grid.

Competitive Energy Rates

We negotiate the lowest natural gas and electric rates on behalf of our clients. Simply provide us with information about your current energy costs and consumption, and we will find the lowest rates for you.

Efficient HVAC Systems

Systems that leverage a ground breaking approach to heating and cooling through the production of thermal energy using only ambient light and capable of reducing your expense by up to 90%.

LED Lighting & Controls

A great companion to our other solutions, conversion to LED Lighting can further reduce your monthly energy expense as well as reducing your maintenance and replacement costs as well.

Solar Power & Energy Storage

Fully compatible with the Microgrid Storage Energy System, a Solar Power & Energy Storage System can allow you to go completely off the grid and ensure that you are completely energy independent.

Security Solutions

Our cutting-edge security systems provide the highest level of control and customization. From ease of installation to the fully cloud connected management software, you can be fully informed of all day-to-day activity.

Smart Infrastructure

From operations and security to monitoring and controlling energy use, gain full control of every aspect of your facility to optimize profit and productivity while leveraging preventative measures to prevent issues.

Green Project Funding

Our project funding provides a way by which you can fund your project with no up-front capital. Instead, your entire project is broken down into one monthly fee removing all risk and upfront expense to you.

MicroGrid Storage is an Authorized Master Dealer of Gridiron products including the PowerPlant H24 and PowerPlant HA65.

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