Cogeneration, Trigeneration & Micro-Trigeneration

Cogeneration, or combined heat and power (CHP), is a form of energy production that developed greatly from 1940 until 1970. According to the EPA cogeneration is still widely used by over 4,400 facilities nationwide to produce efficient heating and power. Trigeneration, or combined cooling heat and power (CCHP), was then developed and became the preferred method for those facilities in warmer climates that had a need for cooling in addition to heating. This cutting edge technology was exceptional, however it was only affordable and logical in application with large scale operational facilities. Later on, Micro-Trigeneration, or micro combined cooling heat and power (M-CCHP), was introduced allowing for smaller scale organizations to benefit from the use of trigeneration technology in a much smaller form factor.

Today, cogeneration is utilized in locations where there is a high demand for excessive amounts of heating or cooling such as manufacturing plants or cold storage facilities. Trigeneration is used widely in large scale facilities that require both heating and cooling but not in such excess, such as major industrial complexes, hospitals, and universities. Micro-trigeneration has brought the same benefits from trigeneration that were enjoyed by larger installations to smaller footprint locations such as retails stores and supermarkets.

Cogeneration, Trigeneration & Micro-Trigeneration

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