Green Project Funding
0 Captital Expenditure

Announcing a Revolution in Power Production from MicroGrid Storage.
Lower your Utility Rate to as low as 4¢ per kW.
Rapid Payback on Investment and Zero Down "GREEN PROJECT FUNDING"

  • Energy Costs Savings of up to 75%
  • Rates as Low as 4¢ / kW
  • Federal Tax Credits
  • Accelerated Depreciation
  • Reliable, Always On, 24 / 7 / 365 Energy
  • Green Eco-Friendly Energy Source
  • Eliminate Peak Rates
  • No More Power Outages


This unique approach provides customers with zero-down funding, rapid payback on investment, tremendous financial benefits and peace of mind.

One Monthly Fee Pays the the Project

MicroGrid Storage provides Zero Down "Green Energy" for projects including Power Production through Micro Combined Heating Power (MCHP) Systems, Solar Projects, LED Lighting, HVAC, Building Automation, etc. Green Energy Projects without any capitol expenditure. A single monthly payment covers the entire project, always set below the projected savings, so you are cash flow positive from dayone. Your payments start upon installation, and no deposit is required. After the payment term (Based on the project), buy out the project for $1, and retain all of the savings, since no further monthly payment is due.


A monthly fee
(less than the savings)
pays for the project.
No Cap Ex or deposit.

Installation, Service, Repair Parts and Labor can be included in monthly service payment.

All repairs and factory mandated maintenance are added during the term, including parts and labor.This is done with an optional maintenance agreement. This service is a cost effective way to maintain the health of your equipment and system. We ensure the complete installation and satisfactory commissioning of the entire 'Green' Energy Project, such as Power Production through MCHP Systems, Solar Projects, LED Lighting, HVAC, Building Automation, etc.


All repairs and factory mandated maintenance, with labor, are included

Ready when you need us

During the term, all repairs and maintenance will be provided within the time period set in the Agreement. This ensures immediate resolution of any issue. Emergency Service is available Nationwide to keep your operation running. Ready when you need us 24/7.


Ready when you need us

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What is PowerAire and PowerFurnace?

PowerFurnace is a Co-Generation Micro Power Production System that provides Reliable, Always On Power for as low as 4¢ per kW for 24 / 7 / 365 Electric Power.

No more Power Outages for your business.

PowerAire is a Tri-Generation system that produces cooling, heat, and power from one package. The units produce power like your utility company with Micro Combined Heat & Power (MCHP).

PowerAire and PowerFurnace increase the net result of the fuel used – natural gas or propane. The result is clean, dependable and inexpensive energy compared to the frail, inefficient electric grid.

This leads to greater efficiency, power outage savings and savings off utility bills.

MicroGrid Storage reduces your energy costs and provides Energy Independence for your business.

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Power Production and Power Storage has changed and the financial benefits from the Tax Incentives and the arbitrage between Cogeneration and Trigeneration Power Production and the market rates of other utilities has created a new opportunity for increasing revenue and business profitability.

MicroGrid Storage is leading the way for the new Utility Revolution. Do not miss this opportunity! Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can improve your bottom line.

For more information, call us at 855-Be-Green (855.234.7336)

We are not offering Tax Advice. Please check with your Tax Professional or our CPA for information on the benefits to your business.

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