Smart Cities, Smart Buildings

Buildings need to effectively manage equipment, operations, security and energy. You can achieve higher performing buildings and provide real-time guidance to users and predict outcomes through pattern recognition and trends analysis.

Integrated analysis of data from sensors and other sources allows facility services and interventions to be driven by the realities on the ground, instead of being executed according to pre-defined schedules.

System Features

  • Real-time connectivity and communications for controllers, sensors and meters
  • On-premise, in the Cloud or hybrid deployment options
  • Seamless integration with existing energy management and building automation systems
  • Analytics to optimize energy usage
  • AR capabilities to better visualize energy usage and assist with troubleshooting and remote maintenance

Smart Lighting, Smart Living

Smart System

Smart Street Lighting Systems

A rising trend and one that seems to be the break through step for many cities that are moving towards the smart energy revolution. With features that allow for scheduled lighting or light sensor control that automate the system, on demand status reports and analytics, and the ability to control the entire system from anywhere there is an active internet connection it is no wonder many cities are making the transition. Cities who have already implemented the system are reporting phenomenal savings and cost reduction figures.

The system integrates seamlessly with a smart city IOT and thus seems to be the first stepping stone into a conversion into a fully integrated smart city system. With the current expense from traffic and street lighting to cities climbing by leaps and bounds, the implementation of a smart street lighting system can reduce that expense greatly due to the use of LED Technology that reduces not only energy usage but also energy waste. The led bulbs paired with smart sensors for automation can further reduce the expense as an additional benefit.

Smart Street Lighting Systems

In addition to the overall savings, a higher level of illumination and a wider spread range of the lights acts as a crime deterent thus leading to a higher level of safety for the residents of the area. The system also features a state-of-the-art traffic management system, environmental monitoring, and a comprehensive asset management system for a higher level of control and added benefits. All this combined with the return on investment paying for itself with the savings from energy and maintenance expenses in a drastically short time span makes a smart street lighting system a valuable investment for any city.

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