Solar & Power Storage Solutions

Solar energy is one of the most widely used cost effective, sustainable method of energy production to date. More than 100 Fortune 500 Companies have already implemented and reaped the benefits from solar energy systems. However, many small and medium sized companies are still skeptical and often intimidated by the significant intitial investment required to implement such a system. Since 2011, the cost of solar panels has declined by more than 80%. This has opened up the possibility of implementing these types of systems to a much wider range of organizations.

Solar Power System

Types of Solar Power Systems

There are three main types of Solar Energy Systems used commercially. Which system is best for your business or organization depends on energy consumption, available space, and other influencing factors.

Solar Power System

Solar Roof-Mounted Systems

These systems account for over 90% of commercially installed solar power systems in use today. The systems are convenient versatile and scalable, they are limited within the restrictions of available roof space.

Solar Power System

Solar Ground-Mounted Systems

Typically larger in size, these systems are typically chosen by companies that require a very high amount of energy on a day-to-day basis. Approximately 4% of all systems installed commercially are ground-mounted systems.

Solar Power System

Solar Carport Systems

Carport systems are essentially very tall elevated panels that a vehicle can drive or park underneath, which has led to their rise in popularity. The design of the system lends to more flexibility during implementing than other system types.

Benefits of a Solar Energy System

  • Energy Costs Savings of up to 75%
  • Rates as low as 4¢ / kW
  • Federal Tax Credits
  • Accelerated Depreciation
  • Reliable & Maintenance Free Energy
  • Green Eco-Friendly Energy Source
Solar Energy System Benefits

But what do I do when there is no sun to produce energy?

One of the biggest hurdles when implementing a solar energy system is how to ensure constant power during times when the sun is not available to be producing energy. During times such as at night or on stormy days when you need to make sure the power stays on even without the sun, we provide two options that ensure a constant source of power: An Energy Storage System or The MircoGrid Power Production System.

Energy Storage

Energy Storage Systems

An Energy Storage System is essential to power management within the system and ensures uninterrupted power to the connected facility. While your solar system is actively producing power, excess power is stored within the storage system for later use. This local storage system is key in making sure that none of the energy produced is lost or discarded.

Our cutting-edge energy storage systems provide safe and reliable continuity by utilizing SIRIUS technology for the highest level of safety and reliability. The system is rated the safest that is available in today’s market and as an added bonus it requires no ongoing maintenance.

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MicroGrid Power Production System

MircoGrid Power Production Systems

A MicroGrid Power Production System can just as efficently ensure no interruptions occur in your power supply by producing the needed power using natural or propane gas during times when your solar system is not able to utilize the sun to produce power. The system leverages either cogeneration or trigeneration technology to produce cost-efficient power to meet the needs of your facility.

The MicroGrid Power Unit can seamlessly integrate with your solar power system and operates as the brain of the energy system to facilitate energy distribution and storage intelligently. The cost of energy production is directly tied to the cost of the fuel used and can typically result in electrical rates as low as 4¢ / kW.

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Optional Financing Available

Would you be interested in a plan option that provides a state-of-the- art Solar Power System with no capital expense? Would you also like for that plan to provide you with lower monthly energy expenses? What if that plan also secured your business savings from day one of install?

With the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining the equipment required for a solar energy system, many business owners are discouraged from pursuing that option. Our No Down Green Project Funding program removes the risk and initial capital required for a solar energy system but delivers on all the benefits.

Rooftop Solar System

Zero Down Project Funding Makes Going Green a Reality. There are many factors that are increasing energy costs. Combining Solar with MCHP Power Production will lower your energy costs and provide you with greater energy independence. Take control of your energy expenses.

Reliable, always on power for as low as 4¢ per kW.

Green Project Funding provides...

  • A Turnkey Solar Energy System for your Business
  • An Opportunity to Reduce your Energy Expenses by up to 70%
  • A Profitable Venture with No Out of Pocket Cost to You
  • A Way to Ensure Reliable, Independent Energy 24/7
  • An Investment that Provides Savings from the First Day of Install
Power Purchase Agreement Diagram

Solar System Integration With the Power Production System

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